Pathways To Resilience

“The range of insights it provided have been useful. It created good dialogue amongst our directors and helped us to confirm our priorities as a board. The language was simple, it was easy to complete and the results were readily understood. “

         Paul Leitch, Chair Pathways to Resilience


“The process of answering the questions was as valuable as the results. It highlighted the things we need to be thinking about, e.g., the board regularly seeks feedback from those it serves.

Elena Mogilevski, Chair EdConnect Australia  


"Thankyou for our Board Health Check. It's given the board a new energy, helped us focus on the big issues and given the directors the licence to get really involved."       

Jon Chapman, Chair, ACRE

Our School

"The Health Check was tabled at the board meeting with very positive feedback about the report's analysis and readability - how clearly the scores and areas for improvement were set out. Our Board selected three areas of weakness to prioritise for action."   

Caroline Milburn, CEO, Ourschool

Governance Institute

"At Governance Institute of Australia our purpose is to champion whole or organisation governance and risk management through education, advocacy and engagement with members and the broader community.  Governance Institute is delighted to have had the opportunity to provide input and feedback on this amazing health check tool for charities.  Boards should be looking to review their performance and their practices on an annual basis and this comes with a cost of time and resources.  To have a complimentary tool available to aid how charities govern their own entities means more time and resources can be directed into their own purpose and by extension better outcomes for society.”

Leon Cox, GM Membership and Engagement, GIA

Pocket City Farms

"As a social enterprise, we found the Board Health Check Tool was a really great way to efficiently capture feedback from our Board members on "where we were at" with our governance. We used the insights from the report to have a productive conversation on how we could action some of the recommendations. This resulted in us updating our governance processes, revising our board terms, revisiting our boards skill matrix and setting up new working groups to focus on core strategic areas.”

Rob Haggett, Pocket City Farms Board Member, Pocket City Farms