The Board Health Check is Australia's quickest and most user-friendly, automated board performance tool for charities and for-purpose organisations - AND IT'S FREE!!

In a nutshell, the Board Health Check helps time-poor boards become as effective as possible, beyond just legal compliance.

Your board will receive valuable insights into your top performance areas and key areas for improvement. You’ll also be able to see whether or not your directors are aligned in their perspectives.

If your organisation is asking itself “How effective is our board, and are we thinking about the big questions?”, then the Board Health Check is for you!


Watch this one minute video. Completing the survey is quick, easy, safe and insightful.



The Board Health Check is owned by Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors , who provide it at no charge to charities and for-purpose organisations. 

We are part of the Tanarra Group, one of Australia's leading alternative asset investment firms founded by investment banker and philanthropist, John Wylie AM. 

The online platform has been generously provided as a donation of time and expertise by Technology Management Advisor, Dave Bonnett, and Antoine Génési, a data analyst at Tanarra.  


  • At Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors, we regularly hear charities and for-purpose organisations asking us the same question – ‘How do we improve the effectiveness and performance of our board?’

  • It takes time and resources to conduct board performance reviews and wade through a plethora of written materials.  With this in mind, we set about constructing a Board Health Check with three goals in mind: keep it free, keep it quick, and ask thought-provoking questions.

  • In 2019, we reviewed existing resources for increasing board effectiveness. We consulted the Governance Institute of Australia and others working in this space. This helped us form a view of what was available and of where we could add the most value. We also drew heavily on the experience of members of Tanarra Group who serve on or work with both corporate and not-for-profit boards. By leveraging this experience, we were able to create a tool that reflected the challenges and dynamics of modern boards.

  • In 2020, we trialed the Board Health Check with not-for-profit organisations, continuing to improve content and usability based on feedback. 

  • In 2021, we automated the results component of the Board Health Check with the aid of Dave Bonnett. 

  • The content of the Board Health Check was developed by Tanarra Philanthropic , with specialist input from professionals at Tanarra Group and the Governance Institute of Australia

  • In 2022, Social Impact Hub worked with the Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors to bring the benefits of the Board Health Check to a broader audience of for-purpose organisations, including social enterprises. This project involved a number of updates to the existing Board Health Check website to allow this broader audience to enhance their governance and effectiveness. 



If you’re wondering what kinds of insights you’ll get after you complete the Board Health Check, you can click here to see a sample of what your report might look like.



Got more questions? We've attempted to answer all your questions (even the sticky ones!) on our FAQS page.



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